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24th January 2019 


People are drawn to psychotherapy for different reasons. Sometimes there may be a specific problem, sometimes a general sense of disappointment or dissatisfaction with life, or sometimes you may simply feel that you would like to know more about yourself and your deeper nature.

Some of the areas where psychotherapy can help are:

  • depression, stress or anxiety
  • work or relationship difficulties
  • compulsive patterns of behaviour
  • emotions that are hard to manage
  • coming to terms with loss

    How I work
    Core Process Psychotherapy works with body, mind and feelings towards a greater sense of our underlying wholeness. It trusts that within and encompassing all our experience, even the most painful, there is a core state of openness and joy which is intrinsically healing. It offers a safe and confidential space where you can explore difficulties and open to new possibilities. Over time this can enable you to develop greater confidence and freedom, and an acceptance of all parts of yourself.

    The Core Process approach is based in both western psychology and a Buddhist spiritual perspective. It does not impose any philosophy or set of beliefs and respects each individual's journey towards healing. It is highly compatible with Focusing.

    I offer regular one-to-one sessions, usually once a week for an hour. We can agree to work short-term or longer-term. If longer-term, there is no limit to the number of sessions. Contact me to find out about fees and available times or to arrange a low-cost introductory session.

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