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22nd January 2022 

What I offer

I offer both individual Focusing sessions and Focusing courses, including a five-weekend BFA recognised Focusing Skills Course. I'm happy to run workshops tailored to the needs of particular organisations or groups. I'm a poet and writer and from time to time offer workshops that combine Focusing and writing. I'm also a long-time Buddhist practitioner and am interested in the ways that Focusing and meditation can support each other.

Coronavirus situation

Since the Coronavirus crisis my work has largely been online or on the phone. At the moment I'm also offering Focusing sessions in a large, well-ventilated room, if this feels safe and possible for you. I may not continue doing so if the Coronavirus situation changes, but you will still have the option of online or phone sessions. I'm aware that in these times people may have been experiencing financial hardship and I have a sliding scale of fees. You are welcome to contact me to find out more about Focusing and talk about what may be right for you.

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About me

I first came across Focusing in the early 1990s, when it was taught briefly on my psychotherapy training course. I didn't find it easy to pick up, but I soon recognised that itFocusing continues to play an important part in my life. I have two regular Focusing partnerships and feel I'm still growing and deepening through my own Focusing practice. was a gentle and powerful way of learning to make friends with the different aspects of myself, even the ones I didn't like, without pushing them away or becoming lost in them. Having completed the Focusing Skills course, I decided to train as a Focusing practitioner and teacher with Barbara McGavin in Bath. Since I qualified I've been teaching Focusing to groups and offering one-to-one Focusing sessions.

Alongside my Focusing practice I also worked for many years as a psychotherapist and supervisor. I closed my psychotherapy practice at the end of 2021.

My qualifications

I'm a BFA (British Focusing Association) recognised practitioner and teacher and a Focusing Institute certified trainer. I qualified in 2003.

My psychotherapy background is in Core Process Psychotherapy, a Buddhist-based approach which is highly compatible with Focusing and uses it extensively. I've been a UKCP registered psychotherapist and supervisor, with 26 years' experience as a psychotherapist and 16 years' experience as a supervisor.


I'm based not far from the centre of Ashburton in Devon, within easy reach of the A38. Ashburton is about 20 miles from Exeter and about 25 miles from Plymouth. As and when possible, I hope to be able to run workshops in person in suitable venues in South Devon and elsewhere.