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18th July 2024 
Focusing. Lotus

What is Focusing?

Focusing is a natural process that most of us tap into from time to time, though we may not know we do it. Whenever you're aware of a vague but insistent gut feeling that something is not OK, or know inside you that something else 'just feels right', you are listening to what your body is telling you. This is the beginning of Focusing. Sensing into your body in this way can help you to know yourself more clearly and to live more authentically from your inner knowing. It isn't a spiritual practice as such and doesn't require any kind of spiritual belief, but you may also find it awakens a more real sense of what spirituality means for you.

Focusing can bring about a sense of aliveness and transformation which can enhance almost any area of life. For instance, it can help you with:

  • solving problems
  • creative work such as writing or painting
  • relationships with family and friends
  • difficulties such as addictions, stress or chronic pain
  • making decisions

Focusing and Psychotherapy
Focusing is not psychotherapy or any kind of 'treatment'. Once you've learnt it, it doesn't need the presence of a trained professional.If you learn Focusing on a course you will also learn the skills of Focusing partnership, so that you will be able to Focus and listen in a reciprocal exchange with another Focuser. However, having a session or sessions with a professional is always an option if a reciprocal partnership doesn't feel right for you, or if you feel you need some extended time for being listened to.

Learning Focusing
You can learn Focusing either individually or in a group. Although individual teaching suits some people best, many find they can learn better in a group where there is a chance to practise with different Focusing partners. If you attend all five weekends of a Focusing Skills Course, you will receive the BFA (British Focusing Association) Focusing Skills Certificate. This is not a professional qualification but it is essential if you would like to train as a Focusing practitioner or teacher. Click here for the dates of any courses I'm running.

For bookings or more information contact me. For information about other Focusing teachers and the workshops they are running, visit the British Focusing Association website.

I may also be able to offer Focusing practitioner training. For details contact me.

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